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How devstack works

Developer as a Service (DaaS) is a scalable delivery model to allow you the flexibility to scale your team up and down each month. Our developers are an extension to your local development team. Instead of recruiting local developers you hire our developers. They continue to work in our development center in Indonesia and they report into your local team on a day to day basis.

Your team is responsible for assigning work whether your team provides the specifications or our team completes the specifications based on your use cases or requirements. It is completely up to you how this all works.

  • We provide you with highly skilled, agile ready, English speaking software developers and testers.
  • Team Leader responsible for weekly reporting – Including Timesheets, Completed Work, Outstanding Work, KPI’s etc.
  • Team Leader responsible for quality control – test Driven development review, code reviews & independent testing.
  • Provision of developer hardware and standard software licences.
  • Client manages the offshore team - Project management, specifications and reviews.
  • Client provides the source code repository running on their infrastructure.

Choose your team setup

We ensure that setting up your team is quick and easy as well as flexible to shrink and grow on demand. You can select a combination of the following resource levels to suit your project and budget. Set your team up exactly how you want.

Team Leader

Responsible for the day to management of the project and people.

Senior Developer

Formal solutions design, specification review, architecture & standards, lead a larger team.

Analyst / Programmer

Complex programming, code review, technical design, design and validate test cases, lead a small team.


Skilled in programming, basic analysis, execute functional testing.

Lead Tester

Responsible for all test management, standards, leads a team of testers.


Skilled in testing - manual, regression, black box, automated testing.

"devstack has the experience and strong track record to help you successfully grow and extend your team offshore."

Why tech companies choose devstack?

Offshore Expertise

We have been developing our own products offshore for nearly 10 years. We understand and know how to setup highly effective remote teams.

Tech Expertise

We love developing applications! We have a large, highly skilled, software R&D division. With over 100+ software engineers, UI/UX designers, product managers, testers and dev-ops engineers.

Value For Money

Employing local (onshore) developers and testers is expensive. Why not double your productivity and significantly reduce your costs at the same time.


Communication is the key to successfully operating remote teams. We understand this and make sure it is at the core of what we do well.


Being able to easily scale your team up and down each month is important. We make sure that we help clients achieve scalability.


devstack has been around for a long time, we operate in 3 countries and our aim is to develop long term relationships with our clients. We are here for the long haul.


The key to building long term relationships is trust. We take the responsbility of being your development partner seriously. Our developer agreement gives you peace of mind that your intellectual property and source code protection is safe guarded.

Our Team

Our talented and energetic team is what makes devstack a great company to work with. We are all passionate about software development and delivering quality solutions for our clients is paramount.


Engagement Process

Our engagement process is very simple and straight forward. The following steps is what you can expect when engaging with us,

1. Requirements

The first step is understanding your development team requirements. This includes the tech stack you work on, the skillsets you require and by when.

2. Cost Proposal

Once we understand your exact requirements we will provide you with a monthly cost proposal as well as our developer agreement for your review and signoff.

3. Team Member Selection

The next step is about providing developer CV's and organising online interviews for you. It is important to meet the entire team we put forward to make sure your local team can work with them.

4. Kick-off!

Once you have selected the team members and signed off on the developer agreement we can set a kick or start date for the team to commence.


Skills & Capability

Our development team is highly skilled in all the major development platforms and languages. Depending on your requirements and development methodology we will match the right team members with you. We even have testers that specialise in both manual testing and automated testing.

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About Us

devstack is an Australian owned and managed software development outsourcing company. We specialise in providing highly skilled, agile ready software developers to technology companies. Our software developers are all employees of devstack and are located in one of our development center's in Indonesia.

Why are we different?

  • We understand the risks and reluctance to use off-shore developers, we have been in that position ourselves.
  • We understand that start-ups need the flexibility of month-to-month especially when they are self funding. Therefore, we offer flexible options to cater for start-ups through to large development teams.
  • You don't deal with an offshore company when it comes to account management, contracts, payments etc you deal with us here in Australia all payments made in $AUD.
  • We don't lock you into any long term contracts. Our model is simple - per developer per month.
  • You can also scale your team numbers up and down depending on demand. All we ask is one month's notice.
  • All our developers work for us they are our employees. Every developer holds an IT (University) degree and are all trained in the latest technologies and development methodologies.
  • Every employee signs an employee agreement with a specific waiver of all intellectual property back to devstack. We backend this with our developer agreement with you.
  • Because our team is located in Indonesia they are only 3 hours (depending on daylight savings) behind Australia. We call this near-shore outsourcing.

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