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Software Development Services


In a nutshell, we love to build software. We partner with tech companies in over 10 countries, helping them to improve their development capacity and deliver their product within expected time frames.

With our development center's in Indonesia (Bandung & Bali) and our global sales office in Australia (Brisbane), we have been providing our clients with excellent services and commitment for many years.

Nearshore Experience

DevStack has been operating in Indonesia and Australia for nearly 8 years. We have the skills, experience, and know-how to make extending your development team easy.


Being able to easily scale your team up and down each month is important. Our fantastic team of software engineers makes this possible.


Communication is the key to success with most things, including software development. We understand this and make sure it is at the core of what we do well.

Value for Money

Change your business to be more cost-effective by having the same level of experience and expertise whilst reducing your costs significantly.

Technical Expertise

We love developing software! Our team consists of experts in all areas of software development practices, from UI/UX designers, developers, testers, to DevOps engineers.


Most of our short term projects turn into long term relationships.This doesn't happen by chance. Trust is a major factor in building long term relationships.

In my, more than 30 years, as the CEO of several technology and software companies I cannot think of any team of developers,testers and project managers I would rather trust to build my enterprise software.

Michael McCabe - Founder & CEO Bench


Extend your team

You have an existing team and need to scale up resources in a quick and cost-effective way.

This service offers you complete flexibility and control. When hiring local experts might not be a suitable option based on availability or cost, DevStack is here to assist you. This is DevStack's core service.


New development team

You might have an existing team which is too busy or need to hire a completely new team to deliver a product or project.

This service allows you to spin up an entirely new team to deliver a project. We can provide a project lead, business analysts, developers, testers and dev-ops that will make sure the project is delivered on time to budget with outstanding quality.


You dream it. We build it.

You have great innovative ideas but no technical expertise to make it happen.

Our product development specialists can help you articulate your ideas and develop detailed requirements and processes even before you invest on a single line of code. Once complete, leave it to us to do the heavy lifting to build and deploy your solution.


Increase your QA coverage

You have a team consisting mainly of developers and are experiencing challenges with the quality of your software.

Our software Quality Assurance team provides expertise on software testing using different methodologies on multiple platforms. We are also able to help establish new software testing processes and procedures to a team that is lacking QA.


AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud ready

You have concerns on infrastructure-related matters in your organization.

Our DevOps Engineering team provides solutions to your DevOps needs. Whether it be spinning up new server infrastructure, setting CI/CD pipelines, or monitoring processes. Keep your development team doing what they do best, which is building software, and leaving the operations to our DevOps team.

We have been highly and continually impressed with their level of professionalism, the quality of the work provided, the ease at which they have picked up the logistics domain in which we operate, and their proactive communication skills.

Darren Donnelly - Agile Delivery Manager - ContainerChain


Skills & Capability

Development stacks we are experts on:

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Meet Our Management Team


The DevStack Management Team all come from a technical and software development background. With years of experience and expertise, we are passionate about software engineering and helping our clients to develop and deliver more.

  • Software Development Experience
    20+ years
  • Tech Startup Experience
    5+ years
  • Managing Remote Teams
    10+ years
  • Agile Project Management
    10+ years

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